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October 14, 2008

Flashlights and my Favorite Place to Get Them

by on October 14, 2008. Filed under Promotions


3W CREE LED Flashlight review:

Flashlights are important to me because of my disability. I use them every night. Since my feet can’t feel properly to help me balance I use other information to help me. My most important help comes from either using a cane or some other thing (wall, handrail, someone’s shoulder). But I also need to be able to see. When there are shadows throwing off my vision especially in unstable environments such as anywhere other than my own home then the likelihood of my falling down can be quite high. Even a cane only helps me as much as I am able to see my environment.

LED Wholesalers

The absolute best place to get a good flashlight is from LED and my favorite flashlight is this one.

CREE 7220

It uses either a CR123A -OR- 2 AA batteries.

I have tested this flashlight using two rechargeable AA batteries. It maintained full brightness about 3.5 hours.  Using a single rechargeable CR123A (RCR123A) lasted exactly 45 minutes.

Using the RCR123A after about 20 minutes the flashlight became very hot. It didn’t bother me using the AA batteries. But using the single RCR123A it became almost too hot to hold. That really doesn’t bother me because I only use a flashlight in short spurts, just long enough to transport from here to there. I suppose if I was looking for something using the flashlight then I would be better off using 2 AA batteries. I suppose the heat is distributed better with 2 AA’s than with one RCR123A.

October 4, 2007

by on October 4, 2007. Filed under Promotions — “Bold Christian Apparel” — the C28 stands for Colossians 2:8, one of my favorite verses, which says, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” They have a logo, “notw”, which stands for “not of this world.” I just like this ministry for so many reasons! But I’ll elaborate later.


October 3, 2007

Mike Huckabee

by on October 3, 2007. Filed under Promotions


 Mike Huckabee

Yes, I voted for Mike Huckabee. I became sold on him after watching his responses to debate questions, CNN attacks, and many other YouTube videos.

Click here for Mike

October 2, 2007


by on October 2, 2007. Filed under Promotions


NOTE: My old static webpage called “Promotions” has been converted to be a category in my WordPress blog. I modified the date to be 2007 instead of 2008 so that it doesn’t appear in front of my newer 2008 blog/journal entries. Here below is the text from the original static webpage:

I’ve always wanted to do this. Just have a page listing some of the places that I shop and the products that I use, and maybe a few words reviewing the places and products.It isn’t that I’m anyone special, that is, with special credentials for reviewing places. Regarding technology I’m known for knowing at least a thing or two, and I do almost all my shopping on the internet for two very good reasons: my disability makes it difficult for me to go out shopping, and the price of gas makes it expensive for me to go out to shop. Other reasons I shop on the internet are the convenience, the selection is great, and most often the prices are better than a “brick and mortar” storefront. A lot of my friends are “unplugged” from the phone company; I’m just “unplugging” from “brick and mortar” storefront shopping.

You may ask, am I promoting some of these places and products? You bet! If I think they are good and worthy, then I would want to tell others of the great deals, quality, selection, etc., and I would want those businesses to stay in business for the same reasons. For instance, the first one that I’m going to list is I like them for several reasons: They have the best selection of the type of products they sell that I have seen anywhere on the internet, and they are more than a business – I would say they are a ministry of blessing to believers, seekers, and others. You can read about the ministry aspect of their people here.

So here goes! My list of places and products beginning with! I will add links and my thoughts as I’m able to do so. Sorry there isn’t much on here at the moment. But check back again! I’m sure to add lots more!

Edited: (When I converted my static “Promotions” web page to a category on my WordPress blog I accidentally put Mike Huckabee before


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