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Index of journal entries

by on August 9, 2006.

This list is in reverse date order, the newest entry appearing first on the list.


Cope, Compensate, Conquer (Initially, Eventually, Ultimately)

Making It Lovely or Sanitizing Your Church Podcast and Website

I’m a grandpa! Adeline Grace Rodatus

simple yet fundamental revelation

Custom-built Computer Communities of Interest

Janet Huckabee and me

“unapologetically, one hundred percent”

CBS News: Huckabee gets Dobson Backing

A letter to me and my responses re: Ron Paul v. Mike Huckabee

Messy posts

personal election notes

Mike Huckabee, part 1

God speaks

Life and Death


The Prodigal son, (me), or “How did he know?”

Update on my recovery from WBPDT

Some comments (regarding a minunderstanding about my comments on Calvinism)

Rejoice and be overjoyed!

What am I?

Choices, changes

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

The Heart of the NeXt Generation

All My Miserable Days


World of Hurt


Surprised yet again; O, but the cross!

Get busy

Kingdom Perspective

Heros of compassion

Recent Projects

Pilgrims, prophets, and prostitutes. (Forward)

Foundations & Truth

Final words

Purpose and Scope

Career advice


Sermon on the Mount

Pain level 7.5+ … good night.

Man in the mirror

The New Covenant Couriers

Advice on seeking employment

“Black like me”

The Truth about Pain (part 2)

The truth about pain (part 1)

How Not to Pray – An Object Lesson

Priorities of life

Whosoever will…


Notes on a Biblical Approach to Organization in the Home

Dates of articles & journal entries posted

Live a life of prayer

…tick tick tick tick…

Keeping your spiritual edge sharp.

Paul’s Family Makeover

“You are the light of the world!”

The Power of a Changed Life

“Husbands, love your wives…”

“Why am I not growing as a Christian!”

Twelve Basic Principles to Teach a Child

Health & Maturity: Improving Your Life

A Biblical basis for training mind, will, and emotions

Philosophy – the love of wisdom.

Time well spent.

Baby Steps

Words, words. Everything is words.

I will tell of all your deeds.


Television Training

can’t blog

Walk with the King today and be a blessing!

Salvation comes from the LORD

Savor the Flavor

Diversity Within; Diversity Without

Counter-Culture Christians

Academic Testing

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